Vernon de L'Escarbot

GrCHF GRCH Vernon de L'Escarbot MH

Vern is a dog of many "Firsts" He was the 1st dog in UKC History to receive any "Open" Class Titles. He was also the 1st dog to achieve each and every Open Class Title in UKC, including the highest honor of "Grand Champion of the Field" Vern was the 1st dog to win a "Braced" stake in UKC, and the 1st dog to win a "Barrage in UKC history. He was the 1st American bred and trained dog to receive a C.A.C.T in France. Vern won a "Couples" Trial which is open to only dogs that have been awarded the title "Champion" in France. In addition to these "Firsts" Vern is perhaps the only Epagneul Breton to receive placements in all of the following venues: AKC Horseback Trials, AKC Walking Trials, AKC Master Hunt Tests, NSTRA, UKC Field Trials and in France. Vern has won the CEB-US National Field Trials on a number of occasions

In addition to Field ability, Vern is "Excellent" conformationally. He is a Grand Champion in the Show Ring. He is one of only 3 dogs I am aware of to receive "Best in Multi-Breed Show" (BIMBS) taking that honor and being awarded Grand Champion of the Ring at the same time. The two other dogs whom received the BIMBS award are Cytise des Pigenettes, and Smith's Detonator du Pond side (Jacque). Jacque as it happens is a son of Vern and Cytise. Vern has also been judged "Excellent" by French Breed Specialists.

Vern has hunted extensively, from the high plains and mountains of Montana, to the cattail sloughs of Minnesota, through the forests of Wisconsin to the Long Leaf Pines of Georgia. He has excelled in every terrain, and has had Hungarian Partridge, Sharp-tail Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, Wood Cock, Pheasants, Blue Grouse and Bob White Quail shot over him.

Vern is a wonderful companion. He is one of those dogs that will wake from a dead sleep to follow you into the next room and curl up there at your feet. He is a bit spoiled, getting to sleep in bed most every night, but then he deserves it, just ask him!

Vern has sired a number of Champions in both the Field and the Show Ring, to include nut not limited to: Jovi, Fergus, Felix, Thor and Darius to name a few.

Vern's hips have been certified "Good" by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, OFA

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